After a clean up and some hard work

With a new home in an old building in the heart of Durban's CBD, the Voices of Women Museum began a next phase of its existence as a small, niche museum featuring the narratives and artworks of ordinary women (and a few men!). Situated in a rather masculine side street with panel beaters, car upholsterers and dealerships, the first exhibition and installation of the Museum meant that 3 women, 3 men and assistance from occasional visitors, began to tell this story - a collective space of ordinary women who quietly tell their story through written text in their own language/s and embroidered interpretation. This formed an abridged version of the travelling exhibition series, Conversations We Do Not Have.  

Plans are in place to upgrade this exhibition and currently, two floors have been prepared for this purpose amidst flood, crumbling celings and renovations as and when there are resources, it will soon be an agreeable space to add to your repertoire of what to  do when in Durban. 

Coming soon...Wishes, Dreams and Expectation.... 

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