Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme considers the feminine as a nurturing, creative element in our world. With this in mind, Voices of Women partnered with Wilderness Leadership School and was sponsored by the Wilderness Foundations, UK Wild Swans initiative.

The Voices of Women Ambassadors are our local ‘Wild Swans’ where they experienced an Induction and Creativity Programme designed by the Voices of Women Museum and a wilderness trail by Wilderness Leadership School.  These young and ‘young at heart’ women and girls were engaged in discussion, sewing their creativity, experienced the wilderness and the call of the hyena amongst other animals, learnt to support each other in unfamiliar circumstances and pondered on the metaphorical ‘voice’ of women in the South African and global context.

The trails provided opportunity for the participants from diverse backgrounds to get to know each other within the context of a natural environment, understanding the importance and wealth of our natural spaces and the power of being feminine. The creativity workshops offered the group an opportunity to speak in creative ways through mixed media, in particular using the traditional form of embroidery and ‘story to explore the contemporary roles of women in our communities; our workplaces; our families and in decision-making roles.