Advisory Panel

The role of the Advisory Panel is primarily to advise, in their various capacities, on the conceptual, academic, curatorial and archival development of the Voices of Women Museum. This panel includes people who are well versed in their respective fields such as museology, art and art history, conservation and archive management, psychology and education. They are based in different cities, provinces, countries and even continents and will give input and advise as and when approached. Some members of this panel will sit from time to time on the Collection Selection Committee in line with the Collections policy.

This becomes the Museum’s way of being connected to appropriate and related museum and artistic developments locally and world-wide and will assist in its growth. The Panel will ‘sit’ for a period of 1-3 years with the option to renew their participation annually. The group will be acknowledged for their contributions where necessary, in selected publications, on our website and in formal capacities where their inputs are represented.